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Mayor Jerry Toomey statement on February 6th City Council meeting

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mayor Jerry Toomey issued the following statement regarding the February 6th Mitchell City Council meeting:

"Monday night was a black eye for our community.  It is unfortunate how out of hand things became and if I could go back and change how the meeting played out, I would.  Responding to the accusations gives them a legitimacy they do not deserve.  However, the public forum has a critical place in government and it is important to let people voice their issues, valid or not.  If you look past all of the ugliness of Monday night, there were genuine concerns that were being discussed.  Mainly, supporting local business.

I do realize the need to support local business.  The council and those that came to share their thoughts are preaching to the choir on that subject.  That is why I hope to work together with the council to develop a policy on local spending.  Hopefully this effort will help the citizens out there that are confused when they hear how important it is to keep business with Jones Supply because they are local but then see a recycling contract get sent out of town when a local vendor could have been chosen.  The reasoning behind these differences needs to be spelled out so the public is ensured of consistency.  Nevertheless, one thing this policy will need to account for is the fact that no city employee should ever be stalked, harassed, intimidated, or threatened by anyone soliciting business, local or not. 

My hope is that we all find a way to move forward from here.  The last thing this community needs is a distraction from the great things that we are all accomplishing.  Black eyes heal, if you let them."


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