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Toomey considers vetoing recycling contract

Monday, January 23, 2017

 As Mayor of the City of Mitchell, I am sending this news release to the  media as a "notice of consideration",  of  a veto on the Recycling vote that took place at the council  meeting on January 17th.    During a two week period preceding this council meeting, all city officials  read and heard many comments from the public as it pertained to individual preferences between  Dependable Sanitation and Petrik Sanitation.   We also listened too much about preferences as it related  to container sizes, as well as curb‐side sorting and single‐streaming.    Such a decision from our City  Council can be somewhat complex and it will never be a decision that everyone will be happy with.   At  best, it is hoped that it will be a decision representative of the majority. 
In spite of this, it cannot be disputed that there were a good number of complaints against Dependable  Sanitation that were related to customer service and safety issues.     These complaints are not new  complaints and have been on‐going for many months.    I believe our citizens deserve better than this  and that we need to have a very clear path of expectations if we are to move forward with Dependable  Sanitation.    Mr. Erickson stated that he has heard no complaints in two years from City Hall.    I had to  remind him of my calls to him.   One of my calls to Mr. Erickson was not of a minor issue, nor was it a  one‐time incident.     Our street department supervisor, Kevin Roth, also reminded him of complaints  called in.  it would seem apparent that if calls are not remembered, then how serious are any complaints  being taken?    It was further stated that Dependable Sanitation loses $47,000 per year providing this  service in Mitchell.    Is customer service not important to them because we are viewed only as a tax  write‐off by Dependable Sanitation? 
I am not in full support of this vote because I truly do believe that our citizens deserve better than this,  and that customer service and public safety requires more discussion and consideration than what was  given.   Our City needs to have a clear understanding from Dependable as to what expectations will be  moving forward regardless of contract Terms and Conditions.   I do not desire past performance to be an  indicator for a future relationship.

I also fully realize that a veto is not without possible risk and consequences.    I have a deadline of  January 27th to exercise veto authority.    Meanwhile, I would ask our citizens over the next few days to  weigh in on this issue with your comments.   Please go to our city website under “Your Government”,  use the drop down feature to “City Council”.   Below "City Council" is a link to “Comment Form”.    If you  decide to email your comments instead, please include all city councilors and the mayor.   Names will be  kept confidential. 
Mayor Jerry Toomey 

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Mayor Jerry Toomey at 605‐9958143

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